Stay European conference 2020

Sat 21 Nov, on Zoom


10am. Staying motivated against the odds
With the transition period about to end, it might look like a difficult moment for pro-European campaigners. We talk about strategies to keep going for the long haul.

11am. Clean up parliament – reforming UK democracy Are there other ways in which our democracy might work, based more on reason and evidence rather than prejudice and dogma? Share your ideas.

12noon. Chaos at the border – supply chains and shortages
Whether there's no deal or a minimal deal, it appears we face delays to imports and disruption to all sorts of supplies. What can we expect as transition ends?

2pm. Business after Brexit
What can you do if your business will be disrupted by Brexit? What if it is UK-based, but wants to remain European-facing? Should you just move, or is there another way? A discussion.

3pm. Dark money and Brexit
There have been suggestions of ‘dark money’ interfering with the UK’s democracy over the past few years - and the problem is wider than just Russia. What can be done to protect UK democracy from further interference?

4pm. Europe and the environment
As the EU moves towards a Green Deal, Britain is at risk of moving in the opposite direction as the government seizes the opportunity to remove environmental regulations after Brexit. What can we do?

5pm. Building pro-EU resistance as Brexit reality bites
Our strategy group introduces a discussion on what Stay European should do now, especially in early 2021. Including a debate on our forthcoming strategy documents.

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