We are European –
we will never give up

Regain our rights

Resist Brexit's effects

Rejoin the EU

I want to stay European

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Our aims

1. Regain our rights

Brexit was not our choice. We should have the right to opt in and continue to identify as Europeans, with all the rights and obligations that come with it.

2. Resist Brexit's effects

We will keep scrutinising Brexit to show what a disaster it is for British people, and continue to defend our fellow Europeans' rights to live, work and study in Britain.

3. Rejoin the EU

The European project is too important to give up on. We stand loudly and proudly for rejoining the EU at the earliest possible opportunity.

Why Stay European?
“I am a citizen of Europe. I want something that recognises this and allows me to declare that identity.”
“I voted to remain, along with many other people, and our voices have not been heard.”
“I believe in the unity of countries and that we are stronger in a community than alone.”
“I wasn’t old enough to vote in the referendum – now I feel robbed of something I never even had the chance to enjoy.”

These are just a few of the reasons why our supporters want to stay European. Read more »