Who we are

Stay European is a UK-based grassroots campaign for individual EU citizenship. It is an independent campaign, not set up by any pre-existing pro-European group, but hoping to work collaboratively with all. Stay European was established in January 2020 and has gathered over 100,000 supporters so far. Our campaign is run by volunteers and has no staff members.


Hannah Furse is an International Relations student at the University of Sussex. She says: "Most of my friends are European and I’m hoping to study in Europe next year - a terrific opportunity Brexit may eliminate. I think we owe it to each other and future generations to try and stay as close with Europe as we can."

Alex Agnew is a Physics student at the University of Birmingham and a freelance graphic designer. He says: "I am excited to support Stay European as I hope the campaign can reach across the political spectrum and bring together those who wish to recognise their shared European identity."

Oliver Tucker, 17, is a student currently in Exeter and due to start studying Geography at UCL in September. He is active in Labour politics, political debating and anti-poverty campaigning. As a young person he wants to retain European citizenship.

Nicola Claire has been an educator for 40 years, including as headteacher in schools in the UK and mainland Europe. She is also an apprenticeship assessor and volunteers for a range of organisations. She would like to continue to be a citizen of the European family of nations.

Benedict Lever is a recent graduate specialising in cross-cultural communication, international policy and the arts. Coming from a linguistic and policy background, in particular centred around Europe and the UK's political and trading relationship to East Asia, Benedict spends his spare time printmaking and playing the shamisen.