Millions of people in Britain want to rejoin the European Union, but so far our voices have not been heard.

Even as we are told Brexit is ‘done’, polls show that more people believe it was wrong to leave the EU than believe it was right, and more would vote to rejoin the EU than to stay out.

Yet political parties reject rejoining, or at best declare it an issue for the distant future. Even some former Remain groups dare not speak the word ‘rejoin’ – and so half the population sees its view dismissed as a pipe dream.

We are told to ‘move on’ and ‘try to make it work’, but Brexit continues to be a disaster. More than half of businesses have faced disruption. Whole industries are disappearing, such as fish exports.

We have lost our right to live, work and study across Europe – rights that we will feel the loss of more keenly once the pandemic ends. Northern Ireland stands on the brink of a return to violence, with no realistic way to implement the Brexit deal the government agreed.

As the government looks increasingly unstable, we should not restrict ourselves to demands that look possible under Tory rule, but instead raise our sights and talk about the future we want to see.

Together, we declare that we support rejoining the EU, and we recommit ourselves to continuing the campaign to rejoin until we win.

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Signatory organisations

Stay European
Campaign to Rejoin the EU – UKIN.EU
European Movement in Scotland
Rejoin EU @brejoineu
Rejoin and Reform
Rejoin Register
UK Pro-European Network (UKPEN)
Labour Movement for Europe
Women for Europe
Volt UK
Voices for Europe
Save Freedom of Movement @SaveFOM
Re-Boot Britain
Brexpats – Hear Our Voice
Bremain in Spain
Rejoin EU Party

Pledge For Europe · Progressive European Party · UK Rejoin Women · EU Flag Mafia · British Multi-Country Residents/Owners/Workers/Retirees affected by Brexit · Friends for Europe · Grandmas Against Brexit · UK EPP

Local group signatories

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Chester for Europe
Cornwall for Europe
East Herts for Europe
European Movement Esher and Walton
European Movement Mendip
European Movement Milton Keynes
European Movement Staffordshire
European Movement SW Surrey
EUnity Lewes
Greenwich for Europe
Harpenden for Europe
Herefordshire for Europe
Hope for Europe

Lewisham East for Europe
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Norfolk for Europe
North Yorkshire for Europe
Open Britain Abingdon
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Oxford for Europe
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Suffolk for Europe
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SW London for Europe
Tewkesbury for Europe
Weaver Vale for Europe
Witney for Europe