Timeline to 2025

Note: the dates for increased border checks were earlier in the original Brexit deal, but have now been delayed several times each.

31 December 2020

End of the Brexit transition period. Border Stage 1, ‘basic’ customs requirements begin. (Many grace periods are still in force.)

30 June 2021

EU Settled Status application deadline

1 January 2022

Full customs regime comes into force. Option for delayed customs declarations ends.

Northern Ireland Protocol: Grace period on restricted products such as chilled meats ends (delayed from July and then Sept 2021)

1 July 2022

Stricter rules come in for animal products (meat, eggs, milk etc) or anything containing them (eg. meat pies), including health certificates. Physical checks at the border for animal products and plants (including fruit and veg).

Note: this rolls together two sets of deadlines that were delayed from October 2021 and January 2022.

1 January 2023

UK grace period on CE markings ends – products must be tested under new UKCA certification. (Delayed from 2022.)

May 2024 (but possibly 2023)

UK general election

31 December 2024

Deadline for the first ‘consent’ vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly to approve the Northern Ireland Protocol


Renegotiations are likely to begin as the five-yearly review included in the Brexit deal is reached.